Monday, July 18, 2005

Topless My Ass!

In Wedding Crashers trailers, we see Jane Seymour's naked back as she stands before Owen Wilson, apparently bare breasted. Indeed, the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman actress (and real-life 54-year-old mother of six) has been making the rounds of talk shows, where hosts have been lauding her for her bravery in taking on this role.

But all the talk about her daring topless scene is fake. With the camera shooting a profile view, and with the strategic placement of Owen Wilson's hands, the movie reveals no more of Jane Seymour's anatomy than a bra would.

I realize it's all a publicity campaign, but c'mon guys. This is NOT truth in advertising! The word of mouth buzz about the movie's laughs ought to be enough to drive traffic to the film.

[By the way, the photo posted here isn't from Wedding Crashers, and it's not even Jane Seymour, but it's similar to the backless shot of her that appears in the trailers.]

Monday, July 11, 2005

Crash the Wedding Crashers Trailer!

I'm not being a shill for some corporate scheme. I'm telling you about this link because I think it's super cool! They make it soooo easy to put yourself in a movie trailer (or yourself and someone else too) and then send it to friends. It's a brilliant publicity strategy. Whoever through this up is a genius! Maybe it was Owen Wilson, who stars in Wedding Crashers along with Vince Vaughn. I can't wait to see this movie! Click on the headline at the top of this post to go to the page where you can put yourself in the trailer. And please e-mail me a copy of whatever you create! I want to see it!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Petition for a Pink Floyd Comeback

I hope you'll help to spread the word about this petition. Pink Floyd did really well in their amazing reunion performance at Live 8. They sounded awesome! This was the first time they performed as a group in 25 years!

Press reports say they don't want to make a comeback because they feel they are "too old." We have to let them know they that aren't too old. After all, Tony Bennet is much older than they are and he's still going strong. To see the petition, click on the headline above.

I met Pink Floyd's David Gilmour a long time ago, when the group performed in Boston. I somehow managed to get backstage after the performance. I had had a boyfriend (when I was a student at The London School of Film Technique--now The London International Film Schoool) who said that his girlfriend Verity had left him for Gilmour. My boyfriend, whose name was also David, was gorgeous and smart and nice, and I wondered what this Gilmour guy could be like to cause her to leave him! So I had to see Gilmour in person. It turned out that he and my boyfriend resembled each other. Tall, well built, with handsome sculpted faces and glamorous long rock star hair, both of them artists. Somewhere I have the whole backstage conversation typed up.

Check out
what Brad Kava writes in the San Jose Mercury News. He's right on about Pink Floyd's "simply stunning" performance leaving us wanting more, more more!!!