Friday, June 02, 2006

He Could Play Ricky Nelson in a Biopic

If you go to singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher's site and watch his video called "High School," you'll see a performer with more than a trace of resemblance to the late rock and roll heart-throb Ricky Nelson. Although the resemblance isn't apparent in the still photo on Fisher's home page, in the video he not only evokes a similar shyness to Nelson's. Fisher also resembles the '50s icon physically, and moves like he did.

Jeremy Fisher would be a great choice to play Ricky Nelson if a film were made about him. This is the kind of uncanny similarity directors rarely find when casting a biopic.

I'm a writer/director with a great instinct for casting; I had the idea that Teri Garr should play Phoebe's mother on Friends, and eventually she was cast in that role, although I had nothing to do with the show and knew no one involved in it.

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