Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Make-Up With Pure Ingredients: An Open Letter to Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur,

I hope you'll create a makeup line with pure (100% non-toxic) ingredients. (See the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database to see what I mean.)

As a magazine writer (for Senses Art and Culture Magazine, and Positive Change, Sarasota) and as the editor and publisher of the online magazine RawFoodsNewsMagazine.com, I know I speak for many women when I say I have not been able to find a line of cosmetics with non-toxic ingredients.

Burt's Bees used to make some, but they no longer do. I believe they didn't market them well. With all of the media coverage about protecting the environment, the general public is much more interested in green products than ever before! If I created a line of pure makeup, I would market it with sexy ads in women's magazines. And I would make sure my company's lip liners and eye liners, blush, eye shadow and lipsticks were available in a range of colors to flatter all skin tones and age groups. I have olive skin, and the three products I need the most are a bright coral lip liner, a black eyeliner pencil, and a coral blush.

The first company to create a line of pure cosmetics that address all colors and that are marketed to all women--not just nature lovers--will make billions.


Anonymous said...

I spent hours looking up all of my products on the list and everything that did not score a 0 or 1, was tossed. I couldn't believe it, the things I bought that were supposed to be so healthy. I re-purchased everything according to the Cosmetic Database. (I still have not found a hair conditioner). I did have to go to many different sources, and some products were actually quite difficult to find.

sketchgrrl said...

Thanks for your great comment, Anonymous. I wish I knew how to get in touch with you so I could ask you which products you found.

Amy said...

Have you looked at Miessence? I tried them and liked them so much, I became a rep. If you want to try them you don't have to try them through me though. =) I'm not trying to "sell" you on them for that reason. They are organic and raw, although I didn't run their ingredients through a database or anything. I've been using them for a month, and I'm really happy. I almost never wear makeup anymore, but I got a sample of their foundation and liked it a lot. Their range is definitely small, but they are always adding new products as they grow...

http://dazzlingbeauty.mionegroup.com will take you to the site. IF you find any other lines, let us know! I'm always looking for the latest and greatest!