Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Time to Replace SNL With a Sketch Comedy Show That's Actually Funny

Saturday Night Live is just not funny anymore, and hasn't been for years, except for the very occasional Hillary political sketch, the coruscatingly brilliant Darrell Hammond, and Andy Samberg's Dick in a Box video. I can't believe SNL is still on the air. The quiz-show bits and Wiig's twitchy weird characters and the variety show bits just do not work for me, nor do Armisen's characters, except for his Obama.

If you've ever seen or heard (Mike) Nichols and (Elaine) May you know what intelligent, perfectly performed sketch comedy is about.

There was a syndicated sketch comedy show that aired in the 1990s called "The News" that was really funny. It had a broad variety of tightly written sketches with beginnings, middles and ends. The cast were infinitely varied in their performances, and cast members were fresh in each new sketch, meshing perfectly with whatever role they were playing, with no "character" mannerisms seeping through. The Newz aired a half hour of new material five nights a week! NBC should bring that show back to TV and retire SNL already. Damn, they should hire me as one of their writers!  Want to audition me?  Here's some of my comedy writing.

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WillM said...

"Crush": nicely done. Yeah there aren't many sketch troupes doing structured material that's still innovative and funny. Have you checked out Dutch West (www.dutchwest.tv)? I find their skits funny. They appear to know what they're doing. Check out our stuff too: http://www.sketchmates.com. Wouldn't say we're cutting edge, but we get there.

Will M