Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rachael Ray Clone

As a raw foodie and chef/author, I love to watch cooking (as opposed to uncooking) shows to get ideas for recipes I can adapt. (Besides, there aren't any uncooking TV shows that I know of.) I just discovered a Rachael Ray clone on TV named Claire Robinson. She's got the same hoarse voice as Rachael Ray, the same upbeat personality--peppered with expressive, colorful phrases--and a similar appearance--the two women have dark hair.

When I first happened upon Robinson's Food Network Show, "Five Ingredient Fix," (without seeing the titles) I heard her voice before I saw any shots of her. When a few fleeting shots of her appeared (I bet they have brief shots on purpose to open the show, so people will think they're watching Rachael Ray), I thought that Rachael Ray had had some work done on her face, as her eyes looked different. That's how much of a clone Robinson is of Ray.

I wonder to what extent Robinson's Ray-like voice and personality helped her to get her own show.

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