Friday, March 09, 2007

My friend Jill's feature film, Creating Karma, Wins Award at LA Festival

Jill Wisoff plays George's blind date in my short comedy video called Anomalies. Jill's an accomplished composer, musician, screenwriter, actress, and more. And now, Creating Karma, the first feature film that she's produced, directed, co-written and acts in, has just wrapped up its LA festival premiere at the 2007 Brilliant Light International Film Festival of Los Angeles, where it won the award for Best Narrative Feature Comedy in the category About Women By Women.

Creating Karma is about a corporate climber who becomes a poet after moving in with her new-age sister. The film is rounding off a festival year and is scheduled to screen in the Cannes Film Market for the international buyers. Jill writes: "With songs you'll leave the theater humming, it features top billed Karen Lynn Gorney of Saturday Night Fever Fame, Joe Grifasi, Carol Lee Sirugo, Jill Wisoff and Rahad Coulter-Stevenson as the puppet wielding love interest, with DP work by Carter Bissell and score by Joel Diamond."

Mazel Tov, Jill!!! I can't wait til it's gotten a major distribution deal!

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