Monday, March 05, 2007

My Wish Comes True Re: Cavemen Commercial!

News articles say that my wish--for Geico's Cavemen to become a TV show--is in the works!!!

Here are some excerpts from a Wall Street Journal article:


Although the project is at a nascent stage - there's no script and no cast - plans call for the comedy to be titled "Cavemen" and focus on a trio of prehistoric characters who battle prejudice in modern-day Atlanta. Walt Disney Co.'s ABC will pay for the pilot and show, if one eventually materializes. Geico, a unit of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., will have no creative control but will receive a royalty payment for the use of the character.

The initiative for the cavemen pilot came from Joe Lawson, the writer behind the cavemen commercials and a Martin Agency employee, who decided in late fall to pursue a TV show. With Geico's approval, the ad firm hired entertainment services agency Management 360 to shop the idea to networks.

A spokeswoman for the ABC Television Studio, which will produce the pilot, said no executive would speak about the project because "it's way too premature to comment." She cautioned that there is no guarantee "Cavemen" will result in a prime-time show. ABC has ordered 15 other comedy pilots for the 2007-2008 television season and will likely give the green light to fewer than five for full-fledged series production.Much remains uncertain. It isn't clear whether ABC would use the three little-known actors who have starred in the ads. The three are identified by a person close to the agency as Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ben Weber and John Lehr. It's also not clear whether Geico would continue to use the cavemen ads if the series was to get off the ground, although ABC would see that as a positive, according to a person familiar with the network's thinking, as the ads would help promote the show.


Anonymous said...

Finally!! A new show with some originality. Keep to the spirit of the cavemen getting the respect they deserve and show that they truly are "smart"

sketchgrrl said...

Thanks for your comment, whoever you are. (Maybe you're a caveman, afraid people will make fun of you.) I forgot to say in my post that I sure hope the TV show casts the "unknown" actors who play the cavemen in the commercial. Those guys created the characters and they are the ones who should get to play them. That is, if the CADL (Cavepersons' Anti-Defamation League) doesn't sue the TV production company for not casting real cavepeople in the roles.